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Finger Licking Olives (Net Weight 370gr)

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Product Description

Honoring tradition and following the traditional Andalusian recipe, we have created an olive of a unique and brand-new flavor from high quality tree olives. “Finger licking” was not a name chose at hazard, we guarantee that you will prefer licking your own fingers before allowing a drop of this perfect seasoning to be lost.

Olives are picked when they are at their optimum point of maturation, well fermented and deboned one by one. After that they are seasoned and pasteurized. The seasoning is made up from many different natural spices of the best quality to give the olives a special flavor and smell. Garlic and pepper are the main characters of this seasoning, which takes the Andalusian recipe as the very base. Finally, they are left rest at room temperature in their jars to be later on send to you for your personal delight.