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Iberico Bellota Ham 100% "Jabugo" (Cut by Hand à la minute) 100gr

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Product Description

Consorcio de Jabugo "Capa Negra" 100% Iberico Bellota 

Our acorn-fed ham comes only from selected Iberico breeding, with strictly extensive farming, raised free-range and fed on acorns and grass in the oak forests of south-west peninsular Spain. This feed, rich in proteins, glycides and fats, in combination with plenty of exercise for the pig, aids the development of its musculature with the perfect proportion of meat and fat necessary to produce the characteristic marbling, which distinguishes the organoleptic quality of the meat.

A slender ham, with a black trotter and slim bone. The external fat is soft with a smooth texture. Its profile has the characteristic V-shaped cut.

Without doubt, it is the star of the range of Iberico products. Iberico ham from pigs fattened on the "Montanera" (acorn fed season); the high proportion of oleic acid in the fat gives it its unique aromas and flavours, exclusively from the acorn. Prepared by traditional methods, curing in natural drying rooms between 30 and 36 months and maturing in our Jabugo cellar.

With a soft texture and marble-like appearance, with streaks of aromatic and fluid fat. Enjoyed in fine slices, it melts in the mouth.